21st Birthmonth Part 3: “Two’s Company”

Yes, that’s right, there is a part 3 to this birthmonth Saga! After all, my birthday itself was hardly half way through the month-we were only just getting into it!

The day after the lovely dinner with Marcus on the night of my 21st was the actual date of the conference at work, probably our biggest day of the year and kind of a big deal. After the generous serving of cake the day before at lunch I was definitely not expecting any more birthday surprises so it was a lovely surprise when Tasha arrived and gave me a cute bottle of handmade plum vodka, tied with a ribbon with a handwritten birthday label – (I have tried it, it is delicious!)

Thinking that after that little treat the birthday was definitely behind me you can imagine the astounded look on my face when in the main concert hall at the beginning of the conference, my boss announced on-stage that “it was Skippy’s 21st birthday yesterday”, resulting in hundreds of people filling the auditorium with a slightly off pitch and absolutely hilarious rendition of the birthday song. As if that wasn’t enough Kelvin got me on stage too, and gave me a gift bag.

Opening it later I found a huge cake with Roo from Winnie the Pooh on it, which said “Happy 21st Birthday Skippy”, 21 candles, and a voucher for cake decorating classes (something I have wanted to do for ages)! I was stunned, and amazed at the generosity of my workmates with whom I have only been a part of the team for a few months. To top it off, the conference itself was also a success! A fun day and some great networking and catching up with industry friends afterwards set the day to a close before heading off early to admittedly get started on that cake, and then catch some sleep before an action packed Saturday!

Birthday Haul From the Taylors!

Saturday morning I opened present from the UK family. Opening Chambord (my favourite liqueur), my favourite perfume, Little Creatures (amazing Aussie beer – That was from Marcus)and other bits and bobs I was definitely feeling very spoilt, and the day had hardly begun! Having left Marcus in charge of the plans for that day I didn’t know what to expect, except for something exciting. He didn’t disappoint, booking us in to Go Ape! A high rope, tree top adventure course where, most simply, you get to act like Tarzan for a couple of hours swinging through the tree tops in 5, 30-odd foot high obstacle courses! It was awesome! We both got our monkey on and flew through the courses, completing all the hardest levels and zooming down the final zip-wire absolutely wanting more. Unfortunately there was no more, so we settled for a transformation from monkeys to cowboys, and enjoyed lunch in a Wild West themed Grill and Diner where we enjoyed some Tex-Mex food and sipped on Margaritas.


The original plan for that night was to hit the town with some of my old work mates from the café, but as all had prior plans except Jo, who did visit for a cuddle and a beer but couldn’t stay, Marcus and I settled for sharing a couple of bottles of champagne, and dancing around the living room to 80’s and 90’s cheese. Despite finding out my boyfriend’s slightly concerning love for Cindy Lauper we had a lot of fun, and it made me realise how lucky I am to have a partner who is also my best friend.

To be able to have still have so much fun when it’s just the two of us being silly is absolutely wonderful. From monkeys to cowboys to exclamations of how girls just want to have fun, my birthday weekend was really testament to the wonderful relationship we have, and the fun we have.


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